Proposal for Perfectly Situated

This is a page for AlterForum’s proposals for Perfectly Situated(25 April ~ ) curated by New City Space.

Any ideas, such as aphorism, graph, graphic, etc, are more than welcomed on proposals for windows at New City Space for the upcoming show.

Please check the dimension from the below photo and feel free to comment your ideas on the reply box below.

NewCitySpace Window dimension

One thought on “Proposal for Perfectly Situated

  1. I believe less is more and I think single text piece that runs across each row of windows could be quite nice, I’d like to propose something that I was hoping hoping hoping would have a venue:

    it would be these printed to fit across the window quite neatly:

    like a manual version of piratebay or downloading torrents.

    So this is over the original idea we had all discussed with the words SUGGESTION in multiple languages, since I feel like this idea doesn’t really hold much content as a work, it’s just a multicultural signifier…

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