3 April 2013
In forum 4, Saejin Choi presented the work of the Austrian artist collective WochenKlausur. Forum members discussed WochenKlausur as a model for socially-engaged work, keeping in mind the possibility of future en-action of AlterForum theoretical research.


“From Object to the Concrete Intervention”
WochenKlausur has been actively and directly engaged with different social issues with its own flexible form of human resource which embraces creative workers including designers, artists, theorists, etc. They are clever in using local media to increase the possibility of success of each local project.
They are part social workers’ collective, part creative workers’ one and in some projects, they don’t seem to provide any clue that they are artists at all.
It’s not clear which artistic definition will fit Wochen Klausur’s socially engaged projects, but they are clearly showing that artists are in a unique social position to respond to social division and socio-political alienation. Wochen Klausur has constantly performed their existential freedom over different cities since 1993.
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Forum Text:
  • Richard Sennett, “The Dangerous Pronoun,” The Corrosion of Character (New York: W.W. Norton, 1998), pp 136-48. (1998)
The second part of our meeting concentrated on the next steps for the project. The group decided to focus on creating an AlterForum publication that will document our research throughout the project and will present input from forum-members. Each individual will select a topic/concept to respond to as a report, writing, performance, art object, etc. for the contents of the publication (or for the launch).
We will also plan and execute a Publication Launch to occur in June that will consist of a potluck, a presentation of the project archive, a presentation of the publication and will include the introduction, lecture or artist talk by an outside person commissioned to consult, edit or write in the publication.