AlterForum 1

The group read a set of texts to prepare for the first meeting. We established a meeting structure and a shared understanding for investigating our aims through discussion and workshops related to themes in the text.

AlterForum 2

Two readings provided perspectives on contemporary institutional critique and alternative models of socially engaged practice, discussed by the first half of the meeting.  These theories constructed the backdrop for the second stage of the forum, in which we participated in the practical discussion of specific works and made a collective positioning map of artist’s practices.

AlterForum 3 

Our third meeting took place at the Centre for Contemporary Arts as a extension of the Exhibition : Economy forum entitled  Socially Engaged Practice: Ethics, Aesthetics, Politics or Economics?.  The forum consisted of the presentation of work by members of the artist collective Wochen Klausur, a presentation of research by Angela Dimitrakaki, Co-curator of ECONOMY and a skype-lecture delivered by Helena Reckitt, curator, critic and senior lecturer in curating at Goldsmiths.

AlterForum members held an informal meeting after the event with others including the Economy curators, forum speakers and members of the visiting artist group WochenKlausur.

AlterForum 4

In forum 4, Saejin Choi presented the work of WochenKlausur as a possible model for socially-engaged practice.  Afterwards, the group turned towards a discussion regarding the future of the project.