Ying Cui

Meeting Strangers Naked, Ying Cui

Meeting Strangers Naked, Ying Cui

P2P apps in smart phones have now become one of the most important communication methods between people. Most popular, there is Skype, What’s App and even the Facebook mobile app. Among these, Wechat is a new application built by a Chinese company that reported 300 millions of users on 15 Jan, 2013. Users have reported suspicions that this software is involved in national censorship by the Chinese government, though the company has denied this suspicion.

The Meeting Strangers Naked project is meant to set up a pictorial communication between volunteers taking part in this activity. Each volunteer will be randomly paired with another volunteer each day. The participants are requested to only communicate with others using pictures of their  ‘private scenes’ taken by her/his cellphone camera that day. Participants are also encouraged to express their political opinions because of the suspicion of the software.

During the period of contacts, AlterForum will gather pictures from these conversations to be used in future publication.

In engaging with the P2P App software, this project addresses issues regarding the way people communicate today, issues of privacy as well as the limitation of pictorial expression through censorship by certain governments.